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Redid my layout. I never really liked the one right before this. I think my favorites so far have been the rainbow one over the summer and the Dresden Dolls one in the spring. I like this one too. I'll probably keep it for awhile...I'd like to get the icons to display on the front page as well as the individual pages though. And it's unfortunate that the Kao Kitties don't come in green, or that the mood icons that do come in green are ugly or not very expressive.

I also have icons saved up for the layout after this one. >:) I need a background image for it though so I will probably leave this one up until after winter break.

I went through my overabundance of icons leftover from when I actually had a paid account and saved all of them and replaced them. I couldn't find enough appropriate Trinity or Matrix icons to make a full set yet though, so these are the ones I have at the moment:

unhappy entries
comment icon
happy or thoughtful entries that ironically don't have to do with sex
sex, deviancy
sexuality, art, generally cool stuff

Since my icons always mean something I thought I'd explain them this time around. ;)

Anyway. Now I'm going to drink some water to try to get over this headache, see if I remembered to bring in my quesadilla from Trin's car, and do some more work.
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Liz is in class so I'm on a computer in the library. I was attempting to read my friends page(s) until I realized that I have at least 200 entries to get through and I only have two-and-a-half days to catch up with. So I'm going to skip all of my groups for now--I may come back to these few days, or I may never. I can't pick and choose because all of my groups are in one thing right now. I should probably make a friends group that's "groups I actually want to read when I get behind," but for now, I don't have one.

I will, however, read all the individuals' entries since Tuesday, and then I will write something real while I'm waiting for Liz.
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In other news, I now have 900 entries to catch up with on my friends list. Dear god.


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