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So I got back from Switzerland last week. It was really awesome except my brother was in bed with strep throat for about seven of the ten days we were there. But I got some cool stuff and saw amazing things. Maybe I'll post some pictures at some point. Ask me if you want stories, I'm a little tuckered out right now.

See, I just got over tonsillitis, which I was pretty much immobilized with as soon as we got back, which is why I didn't update right away. Penicillin and extra-strength Tylenol saved the day.

Trin just visited for the weekend. :D It was awesome, although fraught with interesting complications. Such as, me being contagious and in pain right when she's supposed to come and we haven't seen each other in three weeks, and her flights BOTH WAYS being canceled and rescheduled for the next day. But it was wonderful to have her here.

So now I'm alone at the house. My parents are at work, my brother went back to the east coast early (but would have gone back today anyway), and Trin is waiting at the airport for her flight because my dad needed to drop her off on his way to work. So, as usual, I'm tinkering around on the internet, and the subject of my wanderings as often of late is Sekhmet.

It's like, am I just stacking the deck at this point? Am I crazy, or making ridiculous connections? I finally got a chance to ask Trin about her Sekhmet statue--while we were in the art museum, looking at another statue of Sekhmet that we had both made a beeline for at the same instant.

So Im just mystified, awed, and don't know what to do next.

Thank god I've only got four more nights away from my girlfriend.
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I was late to my advising meeting so I have to go at 2 tomorrow instead. Oh well.

To kill time because I don't feel like getting started on actual work just yet, I'm going to do the iPod shuffle lyrics thang again ).

I've got "class" at 11 which I may or may not stay for depending on how I did on my quiz/homework. Then I'll eat something and go to my next class. Then I will write my paper for at least two hours, see Liz for food when she gets off work, and then sleep. If I'm not done with my paper in those 2+ hours, I'll wake up again in the evening and do more work.

John apparently got the same graduation present I did, part of it anyway--money for a trip to Europe. He wants to go to Italy with Evelyn, but there's something going on with that? So it'll either be my brother and his girlfriend traipsing around Italy, or my brother stalking Italians. So what am I going to do with my money? I have no idea. We went to France with Bridget and it was great but she'd been my best friend for four years and we were what, twelve? I don't know if I have any friends now that I can just be like "hey...let's go to Europe" and we'd go and it would be great. I don't even remember what the arrangement was supposed to be...it was something like airfare for me and the other person and expenses for me, but the other person would have to pay the rest of theirs. So it's not like I can just pick someone out of a hat. I could always go somewhere in the US that I haven't been.

I don't know. My parents are just getting on me to use the money now that John will be using his, and I don't like that kind of pressure. I don't get enough sleep to think about this right now. And, of course, whenever I come up with ideas I'm still expecting that slap in the face. Did you see me cringe?

I could go visit Alex. That would actually be fucking awesome. But again, who would I take? It's not like my French is worth anything anymore, so England is kinda the most practical. But how are my parents going to take "I'm going to mosey over to England now to hang out with Alex and his piratical mates, and Nathan and Sophie. No, I've never met them in person, but--" Yeeeah, that's about how far that would get.

Anyway. I've slacked enough, I have class, and it looks like there'll be a class in here at 11 as well so I'd better get going. I'll think. If anyone has any suggestions or any burning desires to go somewhere (Pipe, Wyoming? lol.), I'll consider it.

P.S. Happy Beltane! I forgot until the teacher of the class that is in here now started talking about May Day traditions. ...I should probably go.


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