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Friday's quote of the day (paraphrased):
Torch: So last week I was up at the front and this pregnant woman drops her kid off. And she was hot. I mean this woman was knocked up and she was fucking gorgeous. I said to Captain Planet, "I know you're straight, but damn"and she says "oh, yeah, I agree." And I said to Token, "You gotta admit, this is a milf" and she's like "oh yeah, I'd do her."

Okay. It was a lot funnier when she said it. It was brilliant. But I can't remember the exact wording and you have to hear it with Torch's voice to get the most out of it.

Anyway. I went to the White Marsh avenue place with most of the people who stayed on camp. It was good times--I nearly saw Pirates but it would've let out after the meet-up time.

What I got at the craft store (I was so excited):
-A little wooden chest that looks like a book that I'm going to paint for Aisha (my secret buddy)
-A poster with an angelfish and other tropical fish on it for Target to give to Angelfish because he's her secret buddy and she's had the worst luck in getting him presents
-A poster with the Four Noble Truths on it for my mom.
-Two tubes of little stones with holes in them to make a necklace for Aisha.

What I got at Barnes & Noble:
-Kushiel's Avatar--because she wrote a new one! So the third one isn't the end of the story!! :D
-A Princess of Roumania--because I'd never heard of it and it looked really good, and I'd read one of the author's short stories in Flights.
-Making Out in Japanese for Pixie because she also speaks Japanese and it was hilarious. I need to pick up a copy for myself sometime.
-Shackleton's account of his trip to Antarctica for Aisha because she put down her favorite subject as history.
-A garden gnome kit to guard the laundry from sock stealage.
-A little paper airplane kit for Aisha.

It was great. And we went to Dairy Queen--I haven't gone there in years. I got a Butterfinger Blizzard.

When we got back the ones who stayed here were watching Fried Green Tomatoes so I took a shower to get the sharpie off my arms and then watched the movie.

Now we're going to watch Rocky Horror Picture Show...so I'm going to go. :)

Love to all. More later.


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