Feb. 5th, 2007 10:07 am
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I believe I need to scan multiple things and upload them to Deviantart in the near future. I want to finish my Stat reading first and look at the questions for next week before having to split for lunch, Involvement Fest, and choir.

I could've sworn I'd scanned my Sekhmet but I guess I hadn't. A couple people on the HoN boards said they liked it. *waves to new friends* *pets drawing* I think I will probably crop it and put the full page in Scraps and the important bit as a deviation.

I've also got some other things in my art binder that I'd forgotten about, so I will scan and post those.

I mostly goofed off yesterday, but I got to talk to the HoNers some more, finally opened up Photoshop and did some work, read for Stat, and pretty much finished the FA website.

Only problem is I'm having some trouble getting the new version to display. I FTP'd the files into a separate folder on our student orgs webspace that you wouldn't be able to get to without knowing the extension so the board could look at it before posting it for real, but the pages are just blank. It knows there's something there, because it doesn't say it can't find the file, but nothing shows up. So I don't know if it's a problem with my files or with the FTP client or what. I guess I can try to just code a normal test file in TextEdit and upload that to get some clues.

I used iWeb because I'm lazy and we needed a new website fast. Any tips would be appreciated.

The statistics book is really not that interesting. It's a class designed for scientific majors, and the introduction was like "research shows that students are more interested when working with real data rather than patently fabricated scenarios." So all the examples are things like lifetimes of lighbulbs and how many years people have owned their cars and so on. Sorry, that's not really that interesting. I've caught up on the reading though, and I'm almost done pre-reading the section we're covering on Tuesday.

That leaves reading for Philosophy, looking over the lesson in JSL some more, I should write a composition, looking for the JWL book, and reading for comp sci so I'm not totally lost on Tuesday.

I'm so happy to have proper art software again. iPhoto is fine for adjusting contrast when I take crap photos, and Preview is fine for viewing any image as well as taking screenshots, but their editing capability is just not there. *pets Photoshop* Yesterday I started work again on Crimson's commission, and when I finished touching up the lineart I realized that he never told me or I don't remember and can't read the chat logs, what colors he wanted it to be.

So I've moved onto Audi's commission and I've picked up another one for Lyrim because he will pay me. xD In Gaia gold, but still. Eventually I will probably have a list of Gaian prices and Real Money (tm) prices. I also really want to try my hand at those fursona plushies I meant to make last year but could never get to a fabric store. If Kee, Shino, and NG turn out well, (although I don't know what I'd do with the Shino one at this point), I could potentially make some money off of making them for other AFGers. Ruby also wanted me to make her an Urahara plushie and lifesize hat for her. I sent her a note on MSN asking if she still wanted it. I don't have a sewing machine so I don't know if I would be able to make the hat sturdy enough, since I was thinking I would make it out of canvas and paint it. We'll see. Guess it could be a good ice-breaking experience for Abby to teach me how to borrow her machine? xD

I've pretty much accepted this Kemetic thing by this point, but now the question becomes go along by myself as best as I can manage, or take the beginner's class at Kemet.org? I don't know. I guess I can wait four months instead of four days to get up enough courage and information to ask my parents.

My room is a mess. My parents sent me four boxes of stuff I didn't have room to bring back with me, and now I don't have room for it here. It should've been an indication to me when I wasn't going to be able to fit it in my bags. Also my mom sent more stuff than I'd asked for; some of which was nice like chocolate, some of which just clothes I'd left behind for a reason. Like my bathrobe: I have my yukata here for when I have to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night and can't be naked, and when I take a shower I just use a towel and it's much more convenient. I left the bathrobe at home so I don't have to take it back and forth with me on breaks. Also a purple sweater that I've worn twice and felt intensely uneasy in both times, and I'm pretty sure I explicitly gave it to my mother because I didn't really want it. It's a nice sweater, it's just so not me.

I don't know. Whatever. I need to get a bookshelf and more hangers. Then I can put a lot of my crap on the bookshelf, including the crap that's ontop of my dresser at the moment, and hang up my extraneous shirts that are also currently on the dresser because they won't fit in the dresser. Some of them I will probably take to Trin's place so I don't have to bring clothes back and forth as much.

My hair is actually behaving itself lately, which is amazing. It also might have something to do with the fact that now I'm washing it every two or three days and rinsing it in between, as opposed to a shedule more on the order of weeks. >_>;

I don't know why I always take such long breaks from writing in here. I used to write in it all the time. Well, especially when I was dating Liz and Kaitlyn, I guess. With those/that relationship(s) though, I just kinda put it all out there when I wrote in here, which I'm less inclined to do with Trin. I'm not really sure what the difference is, though. I'd say that Trin and I talk about a lot with each other, but Liz and I talked a lot too. I don't know.

I'd also like to get over Lindsay now, plzthnxbai. I pulled one of Trin's shirts out of the laundry bag to put in the washer, and the shirt happened to be made of the same material that all of Lindsay's peasant shirts were, and I nearly went into full blown panic--just from feeling the shirt. I also "feel bad" for things like having to do homework when Trin's around. With Lindsay I wouldn't have done it because she would've yelled at me or hurt me or done any manner of other horrible things. But it doesn't have anything to do with thinking Trin will react like that. I would just rather do homework when she's not there; but that doesn't mean I actually do which is the problem. I don't know.

I'm hungry. I'll get lunch soon. I have to man the table at noon so I'll head over a bit early and get food to eat there. I'll look for the JWL book too. After choir I'll take the bus to Trin's school. I won't make the 2:00 so I'll have to take the 3:45. Oh well, I'll get some work done I guess. I need to remember to bring blank paper with me places now--or I guess I can really start using my sketchbook finally. This'll be fun. :)

I'm not sure what else I really have to say at the moment so I guess. >_>;
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Still can't escape this Kemetic thing. Which is funny, because if I were smart, I'd go Heathen and have done with it. On the other hand, if the Aesir just don't want me, and as far as I know none have given indication that they do, I really don't want to mess with them.

Read something today: "The more you are ma'at, the less isfet instrudes in your life..." Ma'at being the Kemetic concept of rightness and order and isfet being the Kemetic concept of chaos and disorder. Which is parallel to something I have recently noticed, that 'the universe rewards me for doing the right thing.'

For example, right after I find out that I kicked ass on my Discrete final (106/100) and might get an A for the semester, I got an email about an opportunity for summer research--at UW, including housing and food, with one of the possible categories being technical Japanese. That is a ridiculous opportunity.

For jobs last summer, I started the Black Hawk application really early, but then I forgot about it. So place after place that I checked, had no positions left. But I still made the effort, and called people up and sent emails and did applications--and it paid off and I got a job.

And I was scared about taking it, and I wasn't sure I'd be good at it, but I threw myself into it as best I could. I surmounted one of my personal doubts, doing something that would be difficult for me--and out of that grew a relationship that works, despite or because of the bits that are more difficult. And it's not always easy, but I try to do my bit there too, and it just keeps getting better.

I really don't know what I want to do about work and school longterm--but I guess if I just keep going, something will turn up.

And of course, all of this could be just lines drawn in the sand; coincidence. But lately I'm finding it harder and harder to believe in coincidence.


Dec. 4th, 2006 11:28 am
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I got an A on my ENGL 241 paper about The Good Soldier.


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Best dork's insult ever:

"Bite my spell slots, meat shield."

I have a physics exam in less than thirty minutes. I'm reasonably prepared for it. I think. I wish it were going to be entirely on circuits--the stuff that I actually remember because I just did it--and leave out all the electric force stuff that I remember less well, but the sample exams only had problems through capacitors and didn't have anything about resistance or current at all.

I like physics when I understand it. I guess that means I should, like, do the reading.

Project 3 came out today. It's really cool, but I'm going to die. I totally didn't turn in the strings project last semester, which was also really cool--it was about palindromes--but I couldn't get it to work. I guess that means I should, like, start this one early.

I also have my English midterm on Friday, rescheduled from an hour ago. I guess that means I should, like, finish the books.

And now it's 10:52. I guess that means I should, like, go take my exam.
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So in the midst of telling a completely different story yesterday, I realized something:

I saw The Matrix for the first time on the bus to Girl Scout camp.

Some things really make you think.

So, since I've apparently not updated since last week, I'll give some news. I'm back at school. Trin came and picked me up. Met my parents. That was interesting. My brother definitely likes her--I knew he would. I'm pretty sure my parents like her too. It was a nice weekend. So was the drive back. I, uh, slept some of the way. *cough*

First day of classes were on Wednesday. They seem pretty good so far, and I'm still on top of my work as yet. I even told Trin that I needed to see her later so I could finish up some homework--BIG step for me.

Lots of Freedom stuff going on. Lots of fun, but busy busy.

Johanna and Chole had a gathering today but I didn't get to go to it. Boo. :(

I somehow volunteered to help with the Booya website. I don't know what I was thinking, but it shouldn't be too hard, and I'm already doing GV's, and it'll mean I get to go to tournaments even though I suck. But I'm going to work hard on a lot this semester, because I KNOW it feels better to just DO the things I need to do--but I never do it. We'll see.

My computer tells knock knock jokes.

I uploaded most of my music from sophomore year of high school. One of the CDs couldn't be read, though, and iTunes keeps crashing trying to upload my REM CD, which upsets me. Oh well. I have 6.2 gigs of music now. If I can't think of any other music to upload, I'll need to set up my new iPod and transfer it all soon here.

Trin and I had our first date on Wednesday. :) We went out to dinner at Thirsty Dog and then to the Odd Girl Out show at the 8x10. It was really cool. I saw Tiff and Kim there! It was really funny because I was trying to read Tiff's shirt without realizing it was her, and then I was like "wait a minute...." They're so cute. :) Trin and her friends were like WTF because I was dead silent and stand-offish and then suddenly I'm jumping up and down about them being there. And I'm still kind of nervous about what her friends think of me--but oh well.

Friday we saw Little Miss Sunshine. We went to the mall and we were like "uh...we don't know any of these movies" except the ones that we were NOT going to ever see like Snakes on a Plane and How to Eat Fried Worms. So I said that Evelyn had recommended Little Miss Sunshine so we saw it--and it was awesome. Funny, tragic, just really good all-around. So go see it.

Saturday we went to see her brother's family including her brand-new nephew & godson. Her brother had lots of Japanese stuff all around. The baby was cute. This kid thing has really been growing on me lately--it's really bizarre. I'm so not used to not being afraid of kids.

Then we went to dinner with Trin's friends Elle and Sarah. It was good. I had a quesadilla. At one point a bunch of people came into the restaurant and Elle and Trin were staring at them going "...Sophomores. Maybe one junior. Fine arts majors of some kind." And Elle looks at me and is like "No offense--how old are you again?" Then we watched three episodes of Firefly. It was good.

My audition for the Mama's Boys is Tuesday. And they lost half their members to graduation so I have a much better shot of getting in this time. Plus I have the enthusiastic personality as well, and a better-prepared song, and I won't be sick.

Mabon's coming up. Hm.

I tore some interesting things out of magazines Thursday night. I'm not really sure what I'll do with them.

I've been reading The Sandman. Read most of Doll's House over dinner. Creepiest fucking thing I have ever read. Gyeesh.

The date's set for the HKP trip. I'm excited.

Also I'm regretting I forgot all my skirts at home.

That's really all I have to say, I guess. Life is good.
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Rock on. Now I have something specific to fill in my Phish monologue with. I have to write it, and it'll take editing of course, but it'll be awesome. Although I doubt I will ever have the opportunity or courage to actually perform it, it'll be awesome.

I'm at home. I've been alternately packing and slacking. I got some done though, so that's good. Tomorrow I really do have to brave the basement, though.

I got cleats! Now I will be a proper Ultimate player and not have to play tournaments in Converse. It doesn't sound like the season will be starting for a couple of weeks though. I'm not even sure who's in charge of the team now--I don't know if Pat graduated or not. Looks like Vicious is still with us, so maybe it's him. Or if Team O! is still alive with Bullet gone. I guess we'll see.

I checked the women's cleats first, just in case--and no luck, just as I thought. For one thing the colors are ridiculous. For another thing, they didn't have any 10s in any of the four styles they carried. So I looked through the fifteen styles of men's cleats and found a pair of black-and-white 9.5s that fit. Rock. Really brings back my soccer days. I miss soccer.

I did not, however, get my new computer yet. We took too long at Sports Authority and Bed Bath & Beyond to make it to the Apple store before it closed. So I'll have to get it tomorrow.

Also, tomorrow I get my hair cut. Hm. "Short" is usually the only instructions I give, since I usually just want to get rid of the way it curls up at the sides. And then there's the dilemma of it feels weird when it's too short, but if I don't cut it really short then I have to cut it more often. Soooooo.

My mom is watching Thelma and Louise in the family room. I'm in the kitchen on her computer. My cellphone decided to inexplicably whack out on me, so I'm not entirely sure how effective a call from Trin will be, but I'm hoping.

I miss camp. I don't miss the drama, but I definitely miss the people. Well, I miss having "people" around in general, and then I miss a few very specific people. Hemlock Knoll Pact, you know who you are, and I am thinking of you.

Adriann and Tiara are awesome and we should have a roadtrip to see them--although California is significantly farther away than New York. Damn graduates.

I read Watchmen yesterday and today. Finished it about half an hour ago I guess. I really don't have a lot to say about it, I guess I'm still digesting it. It was really...I don't know. I caught a lot the first time through, I think--I definitely noticed things my brother didn't--but I'll probably have to read it again and even look things up to get all of it. But yeah, I definitely recommend it.

It'll be weird to be back at school. But good, I think. It'll be busy. I need to move-in, and reconnect with Pipe and Alison and Lauren and all the floor--and god, the new freshmen! I totally forgot about them. Well...I'm not really a scholar anymore. But at least I can be a good reverse role-model? It'll be good to see everyone again and get back into things. I'll have Freedom stuff to do, and books to buy, and classes to actually attend and actually do work for... So it's probably a good thing Booya isn't starting up immediately, so I have time to get used to my space before getting really busy.

Hee hee. I've been imagining Trin and Alison bonding over mutual worship of Coffee all day and it has afforded me much amusement.

I'm glad that my roommates are good people.

I'm glad about a lot of things. I'm happy, I'm in a good place, I have amazing and wonderful people in my life that I can learn from and give to. It's good.


Jun. 8th, 2006 06:31 pm
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"I wanted to let you know that the Scholarship Office is going to make the
final determination about your scholarship. I looked up everyone's grades
and noticed that you didn't get what you were expecting. You're pretty far
off the mark, and I'm not sure what will happen. No matter what they
determine, you are still welcome to live on the floor and participate in
activities. Let me know how things turn out."

Thanks Bria. But I kinda already figured that out.

I should probably get on that CSEMS scholarship.


May. 31st, 2006 11:10 pm
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Okay, so yes, I did not submit two projects and turned in a third one late. I still think her response was un-called-for.

My email )

Her response )

Fuck that. Next semester I'm getting 100s on everything.
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Don't forget! May 5th is No Pants Day.

Speaking of not having anything to wear, unless I'm really brave enough/allowed to go to class in my actual underwear, I have nothing to wear on NPD. My shorts which double as underclothes are only doubling as underclothes and thus would fall under the category of "pants substitute" which are not allowed. Obviously I do not own a slip.

Lol, consider this an APB for boxers.

My dad wants to come up and see me the weekend after that. There's some kind of CWIT picnic.

I just stalked a bunch of Choaties' journals. Including Kristi's, for some perverse reason. We'll see if she remembers me/cares. For some equally perverse reason, I stopped before I added Jillian's. Why add Kristi and not Jillian? Who knows. Maybe because I never did get along with Jillian anyway, despite whatever.

I have to admit, I almost wish my cellphone would go off in the middle of math class just so I would have to stand on the desk and sing the Choate song. Because that's the rule, and it's happened to like 10 people and none of them know their high school's fight song.

I'm trying to be more transparent, like I used to be. I'd gotten pretty damn sick of hiding and lying. Know what I told my mom about the spring break stealage? "Liz is my friend from Freedom Alliance. After NY we're going to her girlfriend's school to watch her drag show and then we'll stay at Kaitlyn's. And I've met Kaitlyn, so." Because she has this thing about me going off with people she hasn't met. Then again, if I had told her the whole story then, I probably would not have been able to go. "--And I've met her girlfriend." Understatement of the decade, Mom.

I decided to do the smart thing and curtail something I was going to say and say it directly to the person who needed to hear it. Basically, I need to chill out, get my work done, and love my girls. I'm not sure in what order.

I think I am going to start leaving interesting links at the ends of my posts, for y'all's entertainment and education. Two to start with because I recently rediscovered the first one and "stumbled" across the second one and they are both awesome.



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