Aug. 16th, 2007 01:49 pm
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One of my huge pet peeves is people who post anything on the internet under their significant other's account/screen name.

I can understand if it's a joint computer and someone forgot to sign out, or you're borrowing your SO's machine and forgot to switch--but for the love of codependency, if you have to make more than one statement on any particular registration-required medium for any reason, get your own damn account.

Group creative endeavors squeak by, as do multiple systems--but if you occupy a separate body, you are physically and mentally capable of posting to the internet yourself, and there is no good reason for co-opting another's account (laziness does not qualify): please, please, please, claim a distinct internet identity.

As a side-note, while I can understand the convenience of one account per physical pair of hands, it would also be great for system journals who do not have separate accounts for each member to at least identify each post by who's fronting to write it. If you're not sure, or your system doesn't work like that, or all/most posts are collective efforts, fine; but if you are separate people and writing as such, it's a whole lot easier not to have to piece who's writing what together by writing style or attitude. You have a name for a reason; use it.

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But for some reason, I have been playing this song on repeat all day, after I listened to Polyamory Weekly #119.

Also, I find it kind of funny that posting from IM has the effect of turning my LJ into a sort of extended Twitter. Since only...two people who read my LJ also follow me on Twitter, I guess I send tweets all day and don't want to repeat all of it in long form for LJ, so my LJ friends miss out.

Anyway, the movers come on Wednesday so I'm going a little crazy and my mom is yelling at me. But it'll be okay.
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Why don't zombies eat other zombies?
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Still kind of apathetic about LJ posts, and writing in general, unfortunately. But I wanted to tell everyone to go see Stardust as soon as possible, because it is truly amazing.


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