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I had an interesting weekend.

Friday I was supposed to be on the Towson bus because that was how I'd gotten back to camp on Sunday--but it left without me.

Token got in a car crash--she's fine, but the van was totalled and the other party(ies) had to be helicoptered out.

One kid didn't get picked up until 9pm, so Jade and I hung out with her for awhile and watched Labyrinth. Best movie ever. Jade didn't even know who David Bowie was. It was disappointing.

Then those of us going left for Trinity/Mad River's house so they could shower and change. We didn't get to the bar until like, midnight-fifteen and stayed until two. I, of course, sat/stood around and watched, but it was still fun. I met some of Trin's friends.

There was fighting on the way back to the house. We were supposed to go to breakfast with some of Trin's friends but we didn't. So I watched some of St. Elmo's Fire with Trin and then we went upstairs to have breakfast at 4am. (Bacon...... :D) Then we all went to sleep.

Saturday I didn't wake up unti about 2pm. Then we went to Artscape. That was pretty cool. We walked around the little booths for awhile--there was one filled with books (random sci-fi books for 50 cents!) that I was eying but you know how I hate holding up the group, so I didn't stop and when we went back later it had closed up because of the rain.

We saw the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra play and it was fucking AMAZING. First they did this industrial waltz thing that was so cool. And then they played a piece that one of the musicians had written, which he played his part on some kind of synth woodwind that was awesome. Then there was an Ireland/Appalacia/Texas fiddle tune medley, and then she played a piece on an ELECTRIC VIOLIN. I saw her playing with it before the conductor introduced the next piece and I was all "*gasp* OMG is that what I think it is??" and it WAS. And then the bassoon section came back in for the last piece dressed as Hell's Angels, because that was what the piece had been inspired by. It was so fucking cool.

Then we had food at XS. I was lusting after Mad River's avocado maki but I didn't ask for one--but we shared the edamame. It was a pretty cool place. I had breakfast food. Our waitress was cute. She had a violin or a cello or something tattooed on her spine, and stars tattooed just inside her shoulders--like, underneath her collarbone, but out to the sides? Just inside the straps of her top.

Then we went back and watched a band play. It sounded like it was called G-lah or G-love or something--I wasn't too clear. Trin tried to get me to dance. Yeah no. But it was fun.

I've discovered something about the things I can and can't do though. I can't dance with anyone I'm not dominant to. Like I'm not dominant to Liz or Jo or Chole or anyone in that group, so I wasn't doing too well at Pride. And I'm not dominant to Mad River or Trinity or Captain Planet, so dancing on Friday or Saturday was not happenining, not to mention that Trin's friends are intimidating, Mad River makes me nervous, and I kind of have to keep my eyes off of Trin when she's dancing or I'll just stare. I could "dance" at the luau the other week and at the Pax Tu party this week because I'm dominant to the kids, and I act like a freak around Piper all the time because I'm equal or dominant to her too. Not that I've tested it, but I could probably dance with Jade because I'm dominant to her--I have to be so she doesn't suck me under. It's an interesting theory.

Then we went back to their house and we watched American Splendor. I hadn't heard of it before but the movie was horrible and hilarious, with a mix of actors, drawings, and the real people. Then Mad River and Captain Planet went back upstairs and Trin and I watched most of Tomb Raider--except I wasn't paying much attention to the movie after the first five minutes because Trin decided to give me a backrub. Then I was falling asleep so we went to bed.

In the morning we left late. And then we had to go pick up Angelfish because he said something to piss off the girl who was giving him a ride and she left him on the side of the road.

So, now I'm back at camp and the weekend's over. I'm with Red Bull and the ITs again this week, so that shouldn't be too bad. Especially since they'll be placed with units most of the time or up at the barn, so I'll get to float around to other units and fill in where I'm needed, like Thursday.

Thursday the ITs spent the whole day in CPR training so Red Bull and I helped in the office and with coverage for the other units. Thursday was interesting. Thursday was Halloween--Jade decided that we were going to be Morticia and Gomez Adams. So since I didn't have any other options I agreed. It was pretty fun. Then we had a midnight swim with the Mermaids and the hiking group. I got a shower afterwards. So I didn't really have a break, but I did.

Jade was upset. I'd basically just finished lecturing her about not taking a proper break, when I turn around and don't have a break after she has her two hours. Yeah. You know you're pretty far gone when your rationale for not taking a break is "If she goes to bed even fifteen minutes earlier it'll be worth it."

Yeah. I'm crazy. I'm sorry, I just can't help being attracted to the do-it-all free-spirit types. And Jesus does Trin ever remind me of Liz. I made Liz buttons last Sunday, "Tell me a story," "Thoughts: GO!" and "All because the ladies love the Liz," and Trin takes my discarded Thoughts: GO! (it was off-center) and pins it to her backpack. And then Friday while we were waiting around for Mad River to figure out what to wear, she comes out with "So, tell me a story." I claim not to have a type--and while I don't have specific preferences for the average girl I think is hot, I apparently have a certain kind that pushes my buttons when I'm actually interested in someone.

I had a nightmare about Lindsay Friday night. It was awful.

But yeah, minus the fighting and the the nightmare, it was a great weekend.

This is where I shake my head, wink, giggle, and don't reveal the parts I've left out. ;-)


Jun. 9th, 2006 12:40 am
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Um so yeah.

Hot girls.



Jun. 1st, 2006 02:10 am
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It's already 2:00? I totally did not notice.

Can't stop looking at Omahrya Mota photo set...
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I'm down to 700 entries. And it's not actually that bad because most of them are pictures of pretty girls. :)

And...I thought these icons were a great idea at first, but I really need more of them. Because this entry doesn't fit under "gender," "creativity," "strife," "angst/contemplativeness," or "lovey feelings," and it's not really generic enough to merit a default icon. Like, it's a combination between "lovey feelings" because it's pretty girls and default because this post doesn't mean anything. Maybe I should replace "creativity" with "lightheartedness." Or maybe I should replace "gender," even though it's a wicked cool icon, with "lightheartedness" because usually my gender posts are either "strife," "angst/contemplativeness," or "lightheartedness" anyway.

So, my little gender icon, you get your first and last use with this post. Fare you well.
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I slept from about 8 to 11, Dan drove me home, then I slept until about five minutes ago. I feel like I got hit in the face with a sandbag. I don't know what I was thinking. Adrenaline, insomnia, and caffeinated soda. It wasn't bad, though, it was pretty good. I'm just exhausted. All in all there were over twenty people there at some points. Played some frisbee early in the evening but I can't believe how much worse I'm throwing after a couple of weeks off practice.

And somehow the home computer was shut down or shut itself down sometime last night. I guess I should've realized when I signed onto AIM Express and it didn't tell me I was signed in two places. If anyone left me any messages between six and whenever I signed off, I didn't get them. Also, if you tried to talk to me between twelve and one, there was something wrong with AIM Express and I don't know if I was even signed in or whether any messages just fell through the hole.

Now we're going to a barbecue at John's girlfriend's house. I guess I'll sleep in the car. They had Evelyn's prom last night, so I'll get to see pictures if my brother didn't get my camera stolen.

I need to get me a Macbook Pro. I don't know my way around Mac OS as easily as Windows, because the last time that I spent any consistent time on Macs was grade school, but it shouldn't be that hard to learn. The Ctrl+click stuff is kind of annoying but if I get a wireless mouse that problem is solved. I don't know if I want the monitor or not, because the Macbook Pro comes in 15" and 17" and I was originally going to get the monitor with a 12" Powerbook. The 15" isn't heavy at all and I think it might fit in my bag, which would be convenient. I could just get a slipcover like my brother has for his to keep it cushioned/unscratched.

I won't be able to play any of the Windows games we've accumulated over the years but I don't really play them that much these days anyway, and if I really need to I can work something out. Or, since when I get mine we'll all have laptops, we can clean out this computer or mine and just use it for games.

I still want to get the tablet, but I would also need a nice art program because my illegal copy of Photoshop 7 that I've had all these years is for Windows. Although...no, Wacom tablets come with some art software, good. The Intuos is really nice but I probably don't really need it. I'd probably get the Graphire. The smallest one is $100, the larger one is $200. We'll see.

Anyway, I'm hungry and exhausted and I had really bizarre dreams last night that I wish I could remember. I also might have tracked down the cute girl on Facebook, but if it is the same girl, she's a sophomore at RHS...lol.
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The cute girl left. I think Miles took her home.

I took a few pictures with the laptop because the camera is hella nifty. She's surreptitiously in the background of some of them.

I still have no idea who she is.
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Cute Girl's bag is right near where I'm sitting, so she periodically comes over and rummages around in it. She's rummaging and putting on a sweatshirt. Ah, getting out another book. She's got her hair pulled back now.

I wish I could just go up to people and be like "hey, I don't know you, but hi."

She's talking to someone in a hammock on her way back to her chair. It's Steve's hammock but Steve is upstairs, so I don't know who's in it now.

Everyone's playing Unreal Tournament, but I don't know how to play and I don't want to play badly enough to learn. Well, Kristin and Steve are still upstairs and I think Mike is still up there with them.

I could get used to this laptop thing. I definitely need me one of these.

See, and I just miss you even more, because you would just go up and say hi and she'd totally fall for you too. :P


May. 27th, 2006 10:51 pm
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The cute girl now has a wreath of flowers on her head.

Lol. Someone find me a way to approach the cute girl (Allison?) so I don't just stare at her all night!
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My mom's watching some movie...about this woman who supports her family by winning jingle contests. The Prizewinner of Defiance, Ohio. And it has Julienne Moore in it but she looks disturbingly like Rose McGowan.

Finally, I have something to do. I'm going to see X-men 3 with Dan &co at midnight. Should be good. There probably won't be any cuddling but there might be tea, and I'll get to see them all again.

I miss you. Maybe one of these days I'll actually get to talk to you.

LATER: So I realized that I hadn't sent this entry until right before I was supposed to leave. It'd just kind of been sitting there for an hour and a half while I tried in vain to catch up on Deviantart. (I managed to get through 100 of my 269 deviations.) This is why it had the default image and no mood/tags/music.

So what I really wanted to say about the Prizewinner movie and why I brought it up at all, was that one of the woman's daughters was really cute. :P Tuff, the oldest one that's living at home for most of the movie. Really adorable.
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Oh yeah.

Cute girl helped me with my stuff today.

At some point near the end, my dad decided it would be a great idea to just pile as much stuff as he could into the elevator, never mind that it took more trips than people to get it into the elevator, and then more trips again to get it out of the elevator with people waiting to get in, and then more trips again to get it out to the van.

So my dad takes a suitcase and the laundry bag, and I take a suitcase and the poster bag, and we leave a little pile consisting of "Baltimore-opoly," my CD-box, the box my Easter basket came in, the box with my desk lamp in it, and the calendar pages I stole from Liz's roommates sitting in the lobby by the donation stuff. I'm lagging way behind my dad with this huge suitcase because my arm snaps at the elbow if I hold it far enough away from my body to keep it from dragging on my legs. My dad whisks his suitcase up the hill and into the van and comes back for mine when I'm halfway up the hill.

So I go back to the lobby for my little pile of boxes because it would really suck if someone decided to take my CDs in the three minutes I spent struggling with the suitcase. And I'm trying to pick up this pile and it's just not working. It's not that heavy, but I can't get my fingers under the B-opoly box to pick the whole deal up.

So this girl walks up and she asks if she can help me and I'm all "I'm fine, I just can't get my fingers under the..." when I'm thinking "whoa." She does the whole "here, let me get that for you" thing and takes the Easter box and the lamp box off the top, at which point I easily lift the game and the CDs. We sort of do the "um, well, here" dance for five seconds while she puts her two boxes on top of my two boxes. I thank her, she goes for the elevator, and I leave.

And I'm sure I'll never see her again, but she was cute. A little bit like post-hair cut Laney Boggs except blonde. Cute glasses and pretty eyes. Although I think I was only looking at her for like six seconds because cute girls tend to make me nervous. Unless I know they're younger than I am, in which case I'm all "hey..." Something I've noticed. It never really comes out when I'm a freshman, though, 'cause I'm on the bottom of every pile. If I get any of these camp jobs, please remind me not to hit on the junior counselors, 'cause they'll be all of 16 and 17.

I also think it's funny/sad that when I'm with Liz she's always the one going "hey, cute chick" and I'm never in time to see, but then I keep noticing all these girls when I'm alone and there's no Liz to share the experience with.

I've noticed that I notice far more cute girls than cute guys. Is this just because I arbitrarily like girls better, or just that I really do encounter more cute girls than cute guys?

Oh yeah, and objectification is bad, kids. Don't do it. Just say no.
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I'm trying to figure out whether The Like were playing on the gay channel because they're straight but happen to be gorgeous skilled musicians, or whether they're gorgeous skilled musicians and happen to be not straight.

'Cause really...gorgeous and skilled.


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