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I've been neglecting my links.

1. The Hubjo, Uncle Ghastly's homemade hubcab banjo. This video just kills me.
2. How Pregnancy Happens, which I stumbled upon in a circuitous route from the Hubjo. Animated talking penis and vagina explain the mechanics of pregnancy.
3. 9 months of gestation in 20 seconds!, part of that circuitous route. It's a cute video.
4. Pregnancy Test?, another part of that circuitous route. This is ridiculously funny--not so funny that it's ridiculous, so ridiculous it makes you chuckle a little.

More when I don't have more responsible things to do. I just couldn't resist.

P.S. MY SOCKS CAME. I feel like I should get some pink-striped ones to take to tournaments. I would get a kick out of that. Crouton can keep his skirt, I'll have thigh-high pink socsk.
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This new navigation bar at the top is really handy. I don't have to click on my info or a comments page to get useful links.

In other news, I am really fucking sore. Like holy fuck sore. Also I woke up at a quarter to one when I was supposed to get up at nine and work. 'Cause I couldhave gotten up at nine JUST FINE but I didn't. So now I'm going to stop slacking off, get some lunch/breakfast because I finished all my pizza last night with the help of Alison, and start working. Program first, then papers.

It's kinda funny...in my cellphone's messages, the first message is from Dan saying that my greeting is the most depressing one he's ever heard, and the second message is from Liz saying that my greeting is awfully somber. Remind me to change that greeting, because people hear the greeting more often than me because my phone is always dead or not with me. But I've been pretty good about charging it and carrying it lately. Haha, Alison is totally right that this relationship is good for me. :P

I get a huge kick out of my StumbleUpon toolbar, by the way. If anyone ever wants some totally random sites to brighten their day, I can hook you up.

It's a nice day. Alison and Justin both invited me to their Easter dinner type things, but I declined partly because I do have a lot of work to get done, and partly because I realized that my family hasn't really been a huge one for Easter, and I wouldn't exactly know what to do. I mean, we get Easter baskets with chocolate and candy and little stuffed creatures--remind me to open my Easter box that came in the mail Friday :D--but it's not really a whole...thing like Christmas is. I mean, Christmas we do Advent, and we even went to the church services before we moved to CT. The only time I can clearly remember going to church on Easter is sophomore year when I went with Lindsay; she was Methodist and thought my family showed an apalling lack of faith. Good Friday didn't have anything to do with Jesus' death, it just meant that we would get chocolate on Sunday; Easter didn't have anything to do with Jesus' resurrection, it just meant that we got chocolate.

It was a little weird to be in church that day. It was one of the ones on Main St, Baptist I think. There was a lot about Jesus coming back to life and how that was pretty much the whole point of Christianity. I like Jesus, I'm sure he was a great guy as they go, but pre-death Jesus is the person who has the most meaning for me. The resurrection just doesn't do it for me. I'm not saying that the standard Neopagan God-Goddess-wheel of the year thing makes any more sense from a logical standpoint than Christianity's Trinity-resurrection thing. I mean, come on. The Goddess goes from Maiden to Mother to Crone and then back to Maiden through the course of a year, and somewhere during all that marries and then gives birth to the God; and while the God is the Holly King half the year and the Oak King the other half, simultaneously he is dying, being reborn, and then marrying his mother-consort. I mean, if you look at it that way, that's weird. I mean, I do need to brush up on my Neopagan wheel of the year events since ASC disbanded, but that's the basic gist. Is the idea that the Holy Spirit (God) impregnates a mortal woman, who then gives birth to Jesus, the Son (also God), who then performs a bunch of miracles, dies, is resurrected, and rejoins his Father (also God), really so much weirder than that? Not to mention if you actually want to go into various cultures' true traditions and beliefs as opposed to just looking at the Neopagan conglomerate, you'll find some weirder things.

So why can't I get along with Easter? I can get along with Christmas just fine, and I'm not talking about the ratio of presents here. Easter just doesn't speak to me the same way other things do; I get no personal meaning from it. I mean, it's the same with some of the Neopagan holidays too. I love Beltane, Samhain, Mabon, and Yule, but I've never been able to get a feel for Imbolc, Ostara, Lammas, and Lughnasadh. Ask me to write a ritual for the first four and I could probably do it with a little research; ask me to write one for the other four and I would simply have no inspiration. I mean, it's hard to celebrate Beltane without a partner or partners, and it's hard to celebrate Mabon without a harvest, and I don't like celebrating holidays alone in the first place, so I haven't actually done anything for any of them in a couple of years. But I'd like to.

Anyway. It's 2:14 so I'll probably go to the Grill instead, and I really need to get started on my work.

Aaand now it's 2:30 because I replied to Lis's comment instead of getting dressed. She suggested I visit for Beltane. I wish I could, because that would, honestly, be awesome. I probably shouldn't miss classes, but I could. It's just a long drive for someone with neither license nor car to make, and while I can convince myself that I could miss the classes I would miss and be fine, that's a certain practicality I just can't get around. Hee, this reminds me of sneaking out without day permissions in Lauren's mom's car for Yule that one time.

Anyway: the redux. I can no longer convince my stomach that food is on its way in a few minutes, I swear, so I'm going to go eat and then actually get started on my work, because I promised myself I would get all my work done this weekend. That way it'll be done and I won't be such a hypocrite telling Liz to do her drafting work next week.

The Remus Lupins have really shuffled their songs around. I need to get their CDs before they disappear and leave me without my favorite wizard rock music. Why can't I teleport yet?! That way I could've just popped over to their CD release party in LA, and I could just pop up to Beltane, and Liz could just pop up to see Kaitlyn when they each had a free hour or two instead of having to leave time for driving. Oh well.
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So I got out of Natalie's car about fifteen minutes ago and I couldn't walk. And this isn't the "I still can't move from the amazing sex I just had a couple of hours ago" kind of couldn't walk, this is the "I woke up twelve hours ago to play five back-to-back games of frisbee in Converse and I don't know whether the brown that stops precisely at my ankles is sock tan or dirt" kind of couldn't walk. I think I killed my calves. I'm pretty sure I killed my arches, and I peeled three or four layers of skin off my feet over the course of the day, but at least they didn't give me those awful blisters that my regular sneakers do. Remind me to get cleats for next year. At least we lost all our games so we don't have to go back tomorrow and I can get some rest.

I am going to finish all of my women's studies backwork and my comp sci project by the end of this weekened if it takes me from now until midnight Sunday.

Liz, if those were your text messages last night at like 10:30, I got them, but my phone won't let me reply to them or even tell me who they're from. So yeah. If those were your <3s they made me very happy and I was able to pull out my cellphone and look at them today when I just did not want to play another game and then go out there...and if they weren't your <3s, they still made me happy but I'd be pretty confused now. :P

We scored a total of five points, I think. Four against Hopkins, and one against Maryland CP. I assisted Maura on one of those, but I can't remember which one. It wasn't until the third game that I figure out that when people yelled "no bagel" they meant they didn't want a shut-out. 'Cause the 0 looks like a bagel.

I borrowed a shirt from Bullet and then from Icebox, so I didn't have to be lame.

Had some interesting cheers as Team O!, which I will post under a cut so lazy people or people who just don't care don't have to look at them.

Cuuuuuuuut )

Remind me to pay Sarah back for the food. It was a $10 admission fee and Pat wanted a dollar for overnighting the waivers, which I'd forgotten when I packed this morning so I only had $13 bucks on me. It's funny that there are people to whom it would never occur that someone might not want lettuce and tomato on every sandwich in existence, but it turned out not to be that bad. Hell, it was food, and we'd already had three games.

I ran into Kanika though, that was neat. She goes to George Washington and we played them first, and she happens to be on their Ultimate team. We played St. Mary's, which I had actually really liked but couldn't apply to, and American, who I did apply to but they were way too expensive the whole time and I don't even remember if I got in or not. They did have a Jamba Juice in their cafeteria and a suspiciously Unitarian-esque interfaith center though. St. Mary's calls themselves Smuts, for St. Mary's Ultimate Team. We heard people yelling "Go smuts!" and I figured that out.

Well, now I know the difference between a bid and a lay out, I've gotten a little better with zone, I still can't keep up with cuts without cleats, but I still need to know what a scoober is and how to call pick. I had some good D; I jumped up and knocked two frisbees down, one in the endzone and one close to the endzone I think. I could also hear handlers not throwing to people I was covering because I was keeping up for once, and I didn't get broken. I had one really good cut and then I lost my balance trying to dump to Bullet and the wind took it. I also had one amazing catch that someone else had already dropped, but then I threw it away trying to get it to Bullet before even stall 3 and then lost my man trying to listen to Bullet tell me to wait next time and she scored when I couldn't catch up. I need to work on not trying to get rid of the disk as soon as I get it. I actually get it so rarely though that I never quite know what to do with it when I do get it. Oh well. I'll get better with practice and I played hard, and it was fun. And it was our first five games as a team ever, and we scored five points.

I don't know. I like the women's team. Maybe partly because Pat can be kind of an asshole. I wasn't sure I would go for it because of the whole "if you're on the women's team you are definitely a girl" thing, like how Alison and Lauren (and Lindsay and Natalie and Icebox and KY) are in ASK and it seems like a great organization but I'd never join, but I like Team O!.

Ulitmate is an interesting sport because it's self-refereed. Someone on Maryland had to call foul against Maura because they basically tripped over each other trying to get the disk in the endzone and rolled. So it wasn't anyone's fault because Maura didn't do it on purpose, but the girl's ability to get the disk had been impeded so it was a foul, but she was totally reluctant to call it because she knew it was an accident.

We played a round of WAH with Hopkins after our game with them and I totally kicked ass at it. I got out like immediately the first and only other time I played it, when we learned it from Middlebury at Huck before spring break. But it was me and KY there at the end so Icebox had us do Vegetable to determine the winner. One Eye called out squash and apparently they really liked my squash, so I won. :) That was fun.

Well, now it's 7:20 and the dining hall is closed, but I finally have money because I went to the bank and cashed and deposited my checks and put in for a new card on Friday--won't my mommy be so proud of me--so maybe I'll get Chinese or pizza. After I take a shower though, because I just licked the back of my hand and tasted a lot of salt and I'm still not sure if that's sock tan or dirt on my legs. I didn't forget my sunscreen this time and put it on twice, so at least I'm not burned. Everyone else was slinging around SPF 15...SPF 45, baby. That must have been why I burned so badly at graduation, because I was out there in the sun for two-and-a-half hours with only a light coating of 15.

I'm sleepy. I miss Liz, and I've been missing Kaitlyn. But I'll be alright. Liz will be back on Monday, and...I'm not sure when we get to see Kaitlyn next. The picnic, I think, 'cause of next week being tech day. Aww. But Liz said she'd go down and see her during the week sometime, so that makes it better. I love my Liz and my Kaitlyn. :) Maybe I'll go play some Ultimate at the fundraiser thing instead of going to Quadmania. I'll think about it.

Also, no more friends-only 'cause a few things in my head have cleared up. But I don't want to go back through all my entries and make them public again, so it'll just be that way from here out.

Also I need an Ultimate nickname already! When Pat calls us out with "how are you feeling????" I can't say things like "Summonned!" (Drew-chu) or "Like an AK-47!" (Bullet) or "Liquid!" (KY).


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