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I'm...I feel like I had something to say but it's gone out of my head.

I'm at my parents' friends' house. David and Marilyn are awesome, and it's good to see my dad, since I haven't seen him in two months, but...I'd rather be cuddling.

Because my dad and them have all this history together, and they're hilarious together, but I don't really fit into it because they're all so into each other that there's not really room for me. So I usually just kind of run away and play with David's computer or check my email on Marilyn's computer. They're bonding in the kitchen. Marilyn makes killller bacon though. She also has a pen whose end is in the shape of a body outline. What is that called? I can't think of the word. Marilyn is a forensic anthropologist and David is like a genius molecular biologist or something.

I had avocado with dinner....mmmm....

I should probably save my apple juice and honey for the drive home.

And yeah, okay. Several crushes. I'm me, hey. I like people. Shhh.

I'll make sure and find some girls to corrupt. I wouldn't be living up to the position if there weren't any girls. And I like girls. So. Shutting up now.

Can't get you out of my head. Trying not to be too obvious around my dad. And yeah.

Aaaand yeah. I think that's enough of that.
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So apparently I can't mail these things until Monday because the mail counter closes for the weekend at 4 on Friday.


Also, I ate three plates of food at the CWIT picnic. It wasn't a cookout as I had thought, but tables full of KFC, salads, and dessert. I had mashed potatoes, chicken, and macaroni and cheese for the first plate, chips and fruit salad for the second plate, and two brownies, two chocolate chip cookies, one ginger cookie, and a CWIT cupcake for the third plate.

I have no idea how I can eat so much, but I do.

I used to say "pretty good, you?" when people asked how I was. When I was having a bad day, I said "okay." Then, for awhile, I said "actually, great. :D" Now I'm back to "pretty good."

Reminder to self: write the poem you thought of at the picnic table.

The sky is beautiful today.

Maybe I'll go see a movie tomorrow. There are ones I've been wanting to see. I doubt V's in theaters anymore, which is a shame.

-Akeelah and the Bee (Maybe. Looks cute and has Laurence Fishbourne. Theater worth it?)
-Art School Confidential (Maybe. I do like John Malkovich and it looks okay.)
-Ice Age 2 (Still want to see this. First one was hilarious. Theater worth it?)
-Mission Impossible III (I never did finish the second one. Theater worth it for the stunts.)
-Stick It (I think this looks hilarious.)

I missed Take the Lead, which is odd because Ice Age came out before it. I'll rent it...um...sometime. I keep forgetting I'll have no connections this summer. Looks like I'll probably see Stick It because I don't have any burning desire to see the others...although Ice Age 2 comes in a close second, so we'll see.

Maybe I'll get Matt to go with me. *eyeroll*

Pipe, we still need to watch Velvet Goldmine. Monday afternoon? We're running out of time here.

I think I'm going to take a shower and then start programming because if I don't get a substantial amount done tonight before someone distracts me (please?) I'll never be able to justify seeing a movie and I need to go do something. Although I should probably check if I have any money before I start making movie plans.


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