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I think it's time to give my computer a name.

Ze hasn't suggested one so far, so does anyone have any ideas?

FYI, my video iPod's name is Prince, and I think my photo iPod had a few names but has been Valar Dohaeris for a really long time now--GRRM, you better not reveal it actually means something nasty or I will be upset.

EDIT: I think ze's name is Ginger. And my external hard-drive, who also needed a name, is Junior. Thanks guys. :)
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I slept from about 8 to 11, Dan drove me home, then I slept until about five minutes ago. I feel like I got hit in the face with a sandbag. I don't know what I was thinking. Adrenaline, insomnia, and caffeinated soda. It wasn't bad, though, it was pretty good. I'm just exhausted. All in all there were over twenty people there at some points. Played some frisbee early in the evening but I can't believe how much worse I'm throwing after a couple of weeks off practice.

And somehow the home computer was shut down or shut itself down sometime last night. I guess I should've realized when I signed onto AIM Express and it didn't tell me I was signed in two places. If anyone left me any messages between six and whenever I signed off, I didn't get them. Also, if you tried to talk to me between twelve and one, there was something wrong with AIM Express and I don't know if I was even signed in or whether any messages just fell through the hole.

Now we're going to a barbecue at John's girlfriend's house. I guess I'll sleep in the car. They had Evelyn's prom last night, so I'll get to see pictures if my brother didn't get my camera stolen.

I need to get me a Macbook Pro. I don't know my way around Mac OS as easily as Windows, because the last time that I spent any consistent time on Macs was grade school, but it shouldn't be that hard to learn. The Ctrl+click stuff is kind of annoying but if I get a wireless mouse that problem is solved. I don't know if I want the monitor or not, because the Macbook Pro comes in 15" and 17" and I was originally going to get the monitor with a 12" Powerbook. The 15" isn't heavy at all and I think it might fit in my bag, which would be convenient. I could just get a slipcover like my brother has for his to keep it cushioned/unscratched.

I won't be able to play any of the Windows games we've accumulated over the years but I don't really play them that much these days anyway, and if I really need to I can work something out. Or, since when I get mine we'll all have laptops, we can clean out this computer or mine and just use it for games.

I still want to get the tablet, but I would also need a nice art program because my illegal copy of Photoshop 7 that I've had all these years is for Windows. Although...no, Wacom tablets come with some art software, good. The Intuos is really nice but I probably don't really need it. I'd probably get the Graphire. The smallest one is $100, the larger one is $200. We'll see.

Anyway, I'm hungry and exhausted and I had really bizarre dreams last night that I wish I could remember. I also might have tracked down the cute girl on Facebook, but if it is the same girl, she's a sophomore at RHS...lol.


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